• shajon
15 Dec 2017

Priyadarshan’s Cochin Apartment Interiors

The name “Priyadarshan” is well known in Indian film industry. With a career that spans over three decades he had directed films which are considered as evergreen hits in Indian cinema. Movie lovers will always remember his
16 Nov 2017

Which is your choice for a comfortable living in Kerala?  

There are 3 choices of residences that Keralite’s go for when they decide to have own house. They would have grown up in family house, an independent villa in a town or village. When a son decides
14 Sep 2017

Anoop Menon’s Guest House at Ernakulam

You must have seen Mr. Anoop Menon on Malayalam movie screen as a versatile actor, as hero or in supportive character role. He is also screen play writer of great talent and lyricist too. His love for
22 Mar 2017

Watch Sun Rise from a Luxury Apartment at Kochi

Suraj, the Indian synonym for Sun reflects cheerfulness, enthusiasm and energy by presence. Our client, the family of Mr. Suraj John can have mesmerizing view of sun rise as well as sun set from the luxury interiors