• Bedroom interiors & home decor with wallpaper

    Is Wallpaper or Paint Better for Home Decor?

    With the world of wall finishes and home decor becoming more and more customizable, the question arises during home decor and interior works as to how one can decorate their blank walls. Both the options of wall paint and wallpaper bring different decorative feel to the interiors, with some pros and cons. Both wallpaper and […]

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  • Is Open Kitchen a Good Option?

    What is an Open Kitchen? Chucking out the dividing walls and creating a space without doors often promotes a seamless flow of common areas. By taking out…

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  • Complete Balcony Makeover for Home

    Spacious balconies offer wide view of surroundings and the skies with a relaxing aesthetic. It offers ample amount of fresh air and sunlight where one can step…

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