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    10 Interesting Modular Kitchen Designs

    The Indian kitchens are so full of quick spicy deliciousness. With the changing lifestyle, people have become more focused on creating hearty kitchens that are both organized and lets one spend enough time with family. Due to the ease of systematic organization, modular kitchens have become a go-to kitchen layout for the Indian consumers as well as the interior designers. Here are some interesting modular kitchen designs to consider when building or renovating your next dream home

    Open Concept interesting Modular Kitchen Designs DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (1)

    This Modern Red & Wood Kitchen is a Chef’s Parade

    This modular kitchen packs a punch with its red cabinet designs. The design livens up the entire space making it perfect for family socialization and get together. Kitchen also features a breakfast counter for quick meals and conversations. This beautiful kitchen and wardrobes is done as part of complete home furnishing. The simple layout that this modern kitchen design carries helps to reduce foot traffic with ease of access. The mix of Woody and Granite top looks elegant and links seamlessly with the rooms beyond. Breakfast counter, however, holds the perfect contrast in wood covered theme. In this, both modern and contemporary works are blend together along with an interesting mix of seating to bring in an informal look.

    Modular Kitchen designs by DLIFE interiors in Kochi

    Keep it Neutral with Stylish White & Wood Finish

    This is one Kitchen that gets a calm aura from its frosty white color scheme. The white modular kitchen adopts a wooden kitchen flooring. The mix of white and wooden touch in the kitchen cabinet designs adds contrasts without breaking the theme of the entire home. The clean overhead kitchen cabinets in wood grain finish offer plenty of storage minimizing clutter complimenting the flow of the apartment. Ample bottom cabinets make space for storing plates and other kitchen utensils. This L shape modular kitchen come equipped with Flip-up soft close mechanism rather than the traditional into the face cabinets thus making more space and view.

    Open Concept interesting Modular Kitchen Designs DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (6)

    Compact and Contemporary Modular Kitchen Designs

    A compact, contemporary and a neatly streamlined kitchen is what every homeowner desires. U-shaped Italian modular kitchen are best suited for small kitchen spaces as it helps to separate kitchen utilities as per ones need. In here, the space for kitchen accessories is integrated into a single wall whereas the other side is used for hood and hob. The compact spaces for storage with vibrant aesthetics are easily accessible and designed to entertain even the guests. The design ideas allows plenty of storage and makes space for an ideal seating area.

    Modular kitchen designs by DLIFE interiors in Thrissur

    Advance to a New World of Cooking with Grey and Woody Finish

    This dream kitchen is one of the recent projects with the perfect kitchen decor and kitchen appliances. This German modular kitchen segregates the space to improve efficiency and creates a sparkly touch. Space has specific cooking, storage and preparation areas giving maximum utilization of space. This elegant kitchen with islands draws visual attention through its unique color scheme and wooden flooring. Moreover, the monochromatic texture and the cabinets crafted in Gurjan Ply bring in a soft vibe to entire home furniture. The clean-lined, minimalist kitchen with monochromatic walls is full of cozy charm enhancing all its glory. Ceiling lights hang over the food preparation area, behind that is storage for kitchen accessories.

    Modular kitchen designs by DLIFE interiors in Kerala

    Snowy White Sculptural Kitchen that Carries Elegance

    This modular kitchen with white design shows how one can efficiently maximize storage options without forming a clutter. Storage along the entire wall brings in maximum capacity ensuring the homemaker has a neat and clutter free cooking experience. This lshape kitchen with up and down handle free cabinets makes space look like a double height ceiling. How better to show it off for a striking layout? The kitchen comes equipped with all modular kitchen accessories, and LED lights to create a new dynamism making cooking more efficient. Low base units in this furniture design allow the injection of color from the flooring keeping the look fresh and modern.

    L shape Modular Kitchen Designs with countertop DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (9)

    Make the Kitchen Do Double Duty

    This incredible U-shaped modular kitchen design doubles as a countertop and a dining space. This U-shaped kitchen even sets the kitchen accessories in an organized manner with its ample storage options. The kitchen crafted with white and beige color offer an efficient way to use an awkward, unused area. Here shown is a kitchen design furnished in 100% Gurjan Ply with enough storage space and appeal. The perfectly planned platforms and breakfast counter make it the perfect kitchen & home design for any homemaker. The owners of this elegant kitchen are a keen cook, which is why; there is plenty of storage spaces and ample work surface.

    L shape Modular Kitchen Designs DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (5)

    Contrast with Black, Red and White

    Open kitchen designs give the kitchen space a roomier aesthetics. The layout incurs careful planning ensuring there is adequate room for a refrigerator, sink, hood and hob, and food prep. The open-plan layout is made cozy with the warm touches in this Cochin home. The walls showcases a grey and black finish accompanied by kitchen cupboards in red and white finish with Hettich lift up systems that complement one another. The dining table seen is custom-made and paired with a six-seater chair and bench crafted by the interest of the homeowner. The design is minimal and fresh giving a welcoming and cozy feel t the entire space.

    L shape Modular Kitchen Designs DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (2)

    Storage Spaces Go Full-Size in this Maroon–L Shape Kitchen

    L-shaped modular kitchen designs are the most preferred kitchen designs for apartments or homes with a small area. Not only it gives a good look, but it also gives good space for people to walk around. In the case of kitchens, it is not the amount of space that matter but how well you arrange them. Moving away from the outdated styles, this elegant kitchen engulfs larger and in-depth cabinets that are better looking and efficient. One of the main advantages that come with this kitchen design in the creative aesthetics that comes with it.

    MG Sreekumar's home Modular kitchen designs by DLIFE interiors in Trivandrum

    Natural Wood & White Classic Straight Kitchen

    Both the aesthetics and furniture’s of this straight kitchen complement one another in this elegant home. The design in this uncluttered kitchen crafted with Gurjan Ply creates an uninterrupted view of the house throughout. The room scheme involves clean lines;handle less cabinets, and sliding door cupboards for a contemporary practical addition.

    Open Concept interesting Modular Kitchen Designs DLIFE Home Interiors Kochi Kerala Bangalore (3)

    This Kitchen with a Broad Breakfast Counter Blends It All Together

    Dining space integrated with the kitchen is the new trend today. Creating a functional modular kitchen designs like this makes space look more stylish. The kitchen here consists of two parallel countertops. The walkway in-between makes space for a well-organized chef like experience. Modern pendant lights hang about the kitchen island creating a striking and utilitarian feel to space. The ample storage space creates a stylishly utilitarian scheme with an eclectic mix of lighting and granite countertops. Since the family likes quite large areas, the kitchen gets a breakfast counter and a dedicated space for cooking where food can be prepared away from family but still serve them hot.

    Modular kitchen designs by DLIFE interiors in Kerala

    Go Classic with this L Shaped Wooden Finish Kitchen

    Every modular kitchen designs have to be efficient and smartly designed. Here is one example of an elegant kitchen layout that offers enough storage. The L-shape engulfs an open plan style making it a contemporarily efficient layout. The adjacent countertops support as a working triangle offering better ease of access without disrupting the efficiency.The owners of this beautiful home decided to have wooden finish cabinets and chic storage cabinets with all Hettich soft close drawer system. The color scheme adopted is contemporary and unusual.