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5 Shapes and Styles for Customized Modular Kitchens in Kerala

July 16, 2015

Kitchen is the heart of any home and it is much more than a place for cooking. Therefore, you have to give proper attention and importance for designing them while building a house or buying a flat in Kerala. As per cooking culture of Kerala whether it is flat, villa or independent house, it will have cooking, preparation, cleaning and storage areas. Arranging these areas efficiently by utilizing the maximum space for smooth work, hassle free movement and ample storage is not an easy task. Moreover, modern lifestyle demands systematic kitchens to organize things conveniently. Here, you can think of a customized one instead of going for readymade options available. D’LIFE Home Interiors with branches and service all over Kerala provides customized modular kitchens in five different shapes and styles. In this article, you can read and understand about different shapes and styles of customized modular kitchens in Kerala.

L Shaped Customized Modular Kitchens with Connected Work Area

These shapes offered by D’LIFE are standard layouts suitable for small, medium or large sized kitchens. As the name indicates, they are in the shape of the alphabet ‘L’ and fits between two adjacent walls. This design provides continuous work area along with efficient corner space. In addition, more people can work at the same time. A kitchen can also incorporate a dining area. Extend one of the countertops if required, and use it as a quick meal or breakfast counter.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen with Ample Storage and Facilitated Style

U Shaped designs from D’LIFE are ideal for medium and large sized kitchen as they provide abundant storage space. The counter tops mounted to three adjoining walls offers plenty of space for cooking. Storage cabinets separate kitchen space into multiple work areas. Many people can work at the same time and there is no disruption in movement from one area to another. Length of counters are adjustable to add additional preparation area or a mini food counter.

Straight Line Kitchen Design Make it Simple and Elegant

Straight-line layouts are the simplest modular kitchen designs. Easy access to appliances and accessories is its key feature. Hood and Hob, Preparation area and Sink are next to next on a single counter top. However, storage space is less and cabinets are built overhead and bottom of the counter. The number of users should be limited to one or two. D’LIFE Home Interiors plan and execute this design very well. It is useful and convenient for small spaced or long kitchens.

Parallel Designs for Cooking Enthusiasts

Parallel kitchens are efficient designs having two working areas on counter tops of opposite walls. Cooking area and Sink is on one counter top and the other can be used as an additional workspace to prepare and keep appliances. Thus, wet and dry area can be easily separated. D’LIFE also can keep cooking area and space for preparation as dry and Sink on the other counter top. Chefs and Cooking Enthusiasts prefer this design as all things are in easy range.

Island Kitchens for Dining Place within the Kitchen

Island designs have elegant looks and are the apt for spacious kitchens. In this layout, D’LIFE builds an independent counter top that that provides an additional work area or storage for appliances. The kitchen doubles up as a cooking space and a dining area for small families. As the island counter has access from all sides, passage inside the kitchen is flawless. Many persons can occupy at a time. This design is perfect for integrating workspace, storage and dining to a single place.

Most Suitable Shape as Per Kitchen Space

Picking an appropriate shape for a kitchen depends up on its size, available space, position, and orientation. Besides these, tastes and cooking habits of the persons, most probably female members of the family should also be considered. As modular kitchens are permanent installation, it cannot be rebuilt or altered easily. So be cautious while selection. As an experienced interior designing company in Kerala, D’LIFE gives customized designs for every project according to the requirements and characteristic. Thus, you get a most suitable shape for your kitchen with comfort and expediency.

Most Modern Style Added to the Utility

Classic finish and quality are the prime features of customized modular kitchens by D’LIFE. They use all side-laminated hardwood MDF and marine plywood having sleek design and finish for storage cabinets. Hood and hobs, accessories, hinges, Granite slab for counter top etc. are also stylish and fashionable. Washable wallpapers are trendy as well as pleasing to the eye. Totally, D’LIFE adds most modern style to the kitchen. Click to watch video of customized modular kitchen shapes, its accessories, and shades and finishes available from them. DLIFE customized modular kitchens in Ernakulam (Cochin), Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam, Trichur, Kollam and other districts of Kerala are gaining popularity by the systematic work and stylish designs.

Storage Convenience and Freedom of Movement

All modular kitchen shape must be user friendly. The key factors that determine user friendliness are convenience for storage and freedom of movement. D’LIFE provides overhead and bottom cabinets for storage that are easy to reach from work area or cooking area. The work triangle forms between Hob, Sink and Preparation area that controls the ease of transfer in kitchen.

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