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6 Residential Interior Design Styles You Must Know

January 11, 2019

One of the main challenges that clients face while choosing interior design styles is their lack of previous experience. Most of them do not know how to best describe the decor in their mind to an interior designer. With the vast number of styles they have seen, it is often a hellacious task to describe it. Though some may be able to show it through pictures, some often fail to describe it. Even then, after a series of conversations, the interior designers can end up guessing the right decor in client’s mind. One of the best ways to get rid of this embarrassing situation is to understand the most common interior styles.

Here we have gathered a list of some of the most trendy interior design styles that you are likely to see or encounter.Going ahead with one of these styles as per personal preference and consulting with an interior designer can help to reach at prompt decision.

Contemporary Design

Modern and contemporary interiors are something that confuses everyone. Though the terms are used alike, the style features different tones and variations.

Inspired by the early 20th-century, contemporary design represents a smooth and fancy style that speaks ‘here and now’. Unlike others, contemporary styles include basic forms with smooth geometric shapes. This design relies on versatility and helps in displaying individual tastes and interest. The aesthetics it carries make interior spaces more welcoming rather than make it look cluttered. Furniture’s are sleek with metal frames or wooden legs in basic shapes and forms. Best suited in small apartments, this design always sets a mark with its interesting accents and artwork.

Modular Kitchen with cabinets for storage by the top Interior designers in kochi _DLIFE Home Interiors

How to create it: A room with an elegant sofa favored by solid or neutral walls. Include unique furnishings with strong accents. Designer inspired artworks and artifacts match well with this look. A well designed functional modular kitchen with ample space for storage but carries elegance is one example.

Hollywood Regency

Perfect for the ones who like to make a statement, Hollywood Regency is one of the interior design styles that speak of drama and glitz. This art deco inspired design reflects high sense glamour with its vibrant style of antiques, furnishings and color variations, which is luxurious and intensively over the top. The plush rooms have a foundation of strong colors that lets out glamour.

Actor Priyadarshan's Chennai Home Interiors By DLIFE Interior Designers Kerala

How to create it: Bring in fanciful furnishing and accessories. Further, enhance it by adding exquisite display pieces, mirrors, decorative units, and artifacts to strong colored walls.


Best suited for open spaces with ambient lighting, the minimalist design style stems from modern and contemporary concepts. This type of interior design engulfs interesting color with neutral tones, simple furnishing, and clean elegance. Interiors with minimalist approach focus on the quality of spaces with little decoration rather than over-stuffing. Kind of perfection and the amount of Zen-like simplicity it carries, make decors look well crafted and meet the style trends.

Minimalist Interior design with Simple furniture and decorative items by DLIFE Home Interior Designers in Kerala

How to create it: Start with simple color patterns and accents. Simple furniture work nicely and layer it with attractive wall arts or decorative items. Follow a specific theme to make it simple and not too feint.


Transitional interior design styles are borrowed from modern and traditional designs that illustrate ‘not too much’. Balanced appeal and elegance it carries create a sense of rare style. This design style combines the use of plush furniture, glass, and relatively neutral colors to create a relaxed and soothing experience. What makes it special is the use of traditional with modern furnishing to create a blend that is both warm and relaxing. It is flexible enough to bring gracious coziness to interiors.

Actor Anoop Menon's Transitional home interior by DLIFE Home Interior Designers in Kochi

How to create it: Transitional rooms can have a sense of traditional familiarity with fresh accents. Placing an interesting pair of textures, and furnishing that is sweet-toned like an elegant bar counter with sofa and single chairs, and a coffer is the best way to embrace transitional styles.


Traditional interior design styles embrace classic touch. In fact, traditional design draws inspiration from 18th and 19th century French and British style. These homes are designed to feel calm and consistent. Specific attention to details such as soft edges, rich color palettes, and wooden finish with plenty of accessories is the key. The texture it carries enhances the beauty of any interiors.


How to create it: Use wood tones, antique pieces, and furnishings that express elegance. Think of a big overstuffed sofa, an essential chair, and a large rug with patterns and colors matching the walls.

Urban Modern

Modern Interior design styles offer the ultimate urban living experience. It displays strong geometric shapes with warm and interesting colors to create a clean and soothing feel. Use of chic furnishings with steel, woody, glass, and metals brings spellbind beauty. This style is best suited for small homes and young professionals who have embraced a capitalist mindset.

Queen Size bed design with bed side tables and bottom storage by DLIFE Home Interior Designers

How to create it: Think of a striking bedroom with bold color walls and bed design without too many textures and accessories. Arrange furniture’s in asymmetrical patterns.

Which one of these above styles or combinations of them would perfectly match your house or apartment? Just imagine how the final result would be. Make use of 3D visualization as it gives an idea of how the selected style would be in reality.


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