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Bedside Tables: Small in Sizes, Big in Utility

The moment you think of bedroom, definitely you would visualize your cozy bed and associate it with comfort, relaxation and sleep. But one item that most of the people would have likely given the least thought is the bed’s associates – the bedside tables. They are confined to being the small, humble, and mere accessories to the bed. Yes, they mostly do come in small sizes; however, the bed side tables have far bigger roles to play than one would have expected. Here we have covered few aspects about the benefits of having bedside tables:

Table at Either Side of the Bed

The basic duty of a bedside table is to keep unnecessary objects away from bed and to allow a person sleep freely and comfortably. Besides the common bedding items (pillows, bedsheet, blankets, etc.), the bed should not have any other things on it. Let the bedside table do all the ‘supporting’ work while you sleep! Table may be at one side or both the sides of the bed as per the position.

Functional Companion

Coming to the next important facet of the bedside table… It will hold everything essential that you probably require when on bed. Such as mobile phone, table clock, water bottle, medicines, torch, books, magazines and so on. Or if you are working, then laptop, tablet, files, power bank or laptop charger. For the ladies especially, the bedside table also serves as a place to store night creams like moisturizer, skincare lotions or even jewellery pieces, scented candles, etc. As for the kids; they can put their favourite toys or story books on the bedside table.

Source of Lighting

bedrroom_ bedside tables

One can place a night lamp or table lamp on top of the bedside table. It will be helpful to read at night when the main bedroom light is switched off or any other late-night purpose if you want to avoid disturbing the person sleeping next to you. In fact, by having two table lamps on both the bedside tables, it will uplift the ambience of the room by filling the room with right amount of light at the night to maintain the relaxing and sleeping mode.

Balance Effect

This probably will be the least functional aspect of a bedside table, but one that cannot be ignored.  A bedside table completes the overall look of a bedroom. Two bedside tables on either side of a bed will bring a visual balance to the entire space. It won’t look like the bed is left alone while the two small bedside tables will fill the void on its sides in an appealing manner. Though the size small, they occupy an important place in contemporary style design.

Bedside tables with small drawers will be more beneficial and could help to store away more and important items than its top surface can hold. If there is not enough room for two bedside tables in your room, try to create a space for placing one tiny table. Alternatively, you can build an overhead shelf or a dismantling table at the side of your bed that will serve as a bedside table when required. Last but not the least, always go for a high quality and durable piece to last longer and for multipurpose use. Include it in customized bedroom interiors and ensure better style and utility.