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Dynamics of Best Modular Kitchens in Kerala

October 13, 2014

Summary: Bring home the best quality modular kitchens in Kerala and stay assured of efficient functionality by customizing it from D’LIFE Home Interiors. They are designed by incorporating the basic requirements and preferences of customer.

Well-organized, utility kitchens are always at the top of every homemaker’s wish lists. With changing times, kitchens have undergone a huge makeover in terms of designing and technological improvements—this has led to the emergence of Modular Kitchens in Kerala. It helps in efficient, pest-free storage of everyday kitchen essentials and easy retrieval of utilities apart from raising the aesthetic value.

In this discussion, we present easy-to-understand information about what makes modular kitchens in Kerala by D’LIFE the first preference from homeowners/families, apart from decoding various aspects of this progressive, more functional type of kitchen installation.

Overview on Importance of Modular Kitchens

Best modular kitchens in kerala

Modular kitchens have been designed by carefully attributing all essential functions of a kitchen in compact and convenient manner. Other than adding aesthetic beauty to your home, these kitchens combine easy functionality and space maximization in the most effective way. The easy maintenance of modular kitchens enhances their overall appeal to a great extent.

Types of Modular Kitchens

There are mainly four types of modular kitchens namely, Straight Line Kitchens, L-shaped Kitchens, U-shaped Kitchens and Island Kitchens. The straight line kitchens are best suited for compact spaces in order to optimize working space. L-shaped kitchens allow accommodation of dining space, while the U-shaped kitchens are assumed to be the most efficient ones owing to their generous spacing. The island kitchens offer good storage and working area. Different materials like marine plywood, MDF, solid wood and others are used in making of different types of kitchens.

Why should modular kitchens to be customized?

Space inside a kitchen and size is different for each house and flat as per the floor plan. Requirements of each customer also vary in terms of accessories, storage and other facilities. It looks neat and fit to the space perfectly if designed, built and fitted by the same company. An experienced designer can visit the house and check how best he can utilize the available area. The moment he visit the place a creative idea may flash in his mind about the shape, color and design that he would share with the owner of the house. Ready-made modular kitchen available in market would surely not fit the space and thus need to compromise on many factors.

Getting Modular Kitchen Customized and Installed in Kerala

Modular kitchens are manufactured with extreme precision by abiding with stringent quality control measures to fulfill client requirements in the best possible manner. You simply need to contact D Life Home Interiors and give a rough estimate of your requirements. After making the token payment, the measurement of your space and customized designing requirements will lead to final manufacturing process. The final product will be delivered and installed on the promised date after inclusion of all required accessories and under the professional guidance of the project manager.

Get Accessories, Hood and Hob, Granite Top Fixed 

Additional utilities like hood and hobs are provided according to the desire of the customer to enrich the functional aesthetics of modular kitchens. Various stainless steel accessories like baskets, pull out shelves, trolleys etc are infused together to accentuate their overall working. These items can be purchased direct from top brands with the help of this work contractor. Granite top, electrical and plumbing modifications are also provided as part of modular kitchen installation at extra cost.

Explore Options for Modular Kitchen Installation

By virtue of being a Kerala-based company, D’life Home Interiors offers installation facilities in all the districts. Places like Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam, Cochin (Ernakulam), and Calicut are most popular locations to avail the luxury of these extensively designed modular kitchens, through our own show rooms. DLife flaunts a fine lineage of trusted service, making it a reliable option.

Please ensure that you make a well-informed decision when opting for a modular kitchen. This is a long-term installation where making periodic changes is not easy. Please ensure you seek professional guidance when finalizing your pick. If you have any doubts about the return on investment on modular kitchens, you will be happy to read that these kitchen systems can last for a very, very long time…often running into decades!


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