Interior Design in Kerala Archive

23 Apr 2018

Budget of Interior Works in Kerala – Scope & Limits

Plan a Budget and Act on It Just like everything else in our life, the ambitions may be sky high, but it is not always easy to fulfill those in the real world. As a result, we
16 Mar 2018

Luxury Home Interior Design at Trivandrum

It was in the mid of September-last year when we contacted Mrs. Sindhu Vijayakumar to confirm her interest to proceed the home interior design works with D’LIFE. Apparently, the client was expecting our call and expressed her interest
3 Feb 2018

Advantages of Customized Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen has gained widespread acclaim in India towards the birth of 21st century. The people were in need of a better space-utilizing design for kitchen to match with their modern lifestyle. Modular kitchen seemed like an
29 Jan 2018

4 Stages of Home Interior design Process

There was a time when the scope of Interior designing left untouched. Rarely people wanted to spend money and time on interior designs or decorations. Everyone thought, commercial buildings or big mansions were the only places, which