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30 Jun 2018

How to Choose Suitable Materials for Modular Kitchen in Kerala?

There are certain things you must know about the materials for modular kitchens, before starting works on home interiors. Due to several advantages of modular kitchen, the demand is high but the vying between brands in the
3 Feb 2018

Advantages of Customized Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen has gained widespread acclaim in India towards the birth of 21st century. The people were in need of a better space-utilizing design for kitchen to match with their modern lifestyle. Modular kitchen seemed like an
2 Nov 2016

Kerala Modular Kitchen by Plan and Design

At this modern era, kitchen furnishing in Kerala is much more than creating just a cooking and storage space. Owner, if desires can get all the modern elements of style, color, utilities, comfort and appearance in to
14 Jul 2016

5 Easy Ways to Best Appearance of Kitchen in Kerala

Apart from all other rooms in a house modern modular kitchen gives the prevalent visual impact in interior design and furnishing. Various aspect plays key role in the luxury appearance of a modular kitchen in Kerala. Cabinets