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Design, Production, Installation by One Company

March 2, 2017

Interior Design Production InstallationIt is always better to have three aspects of interior furnishing – design, production and  installation by just one company.If these stages are controlled by a sole hub, better co-ordination enhances perfection in final result. Clients also achieve the convenience of approaching just one place for all their interior designing and furnishing needs, instead of getting design from one company and finding somebody else to get it done. D’LIFE, the one company for interior design, production and execution had successfully completed more than 2600 interior furnishing projects across Kerala till by this date.


Interior Design Production InstallationBeauty of interiors roots in the suitability and completeness of design. When client’s needs meet with designer’s perspective, it becomes lively and attractive. Regular exchange of ideas between both the client and the designer during works is necessary for this to happen. The designer must have an insight about the project and for which he visits the site for taking actual measurements. This helps him to realize the practical feasibility of implementing interiors as desired by client. After providing first set of rough drawings the designer keep in constant communication with the client for further alterations or suggestions. The company makes sure all these in the process of designing, from client’s meeting for understanding till finalization of design.


Interior Design Production InstallationFinish and quality of interior furnishing is attained at the phase of production and thus an important stage in whole process. Minute details of measurement, cutting as per specific details in design are extremely important. A cross checking of measurement at site is done for all projects by the designer and a representative from factory before starting production. Furniture and kitchen cabinets are manufactured using hardwood MDF and Marine ply combination. D’LIFE factories use machineries capable of laminating these without human intervention. Experienced workers execute production process under the control of qualified factory managers and supervisors.


Interior Design Production InstallationOnce production is complete, projects team takes control from dispatch to begin installation at site on receiving furniture and fitting. Entire works of production and furnishing takes 35 to 40 days after finalizing the design. Project managers, supervisors and laborers jointly work for completion of work to handover the site on time. By combining all the factors of interior furnishing, i.e. design production installation under a single management, this company targets delight of clients.


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