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Style and Simplicity Inside a 1125 Square Feet Flat

July 21, 2016

Modern Furnishing in 1125 Square Feet Flat at Ernakulam

Flat having 1100 tModern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Spaceo 1200 square feet with modern furnishing is expedient for an upper middle class family to live within a city like Ernakulam. It is ideal to be used as a second home especially to enjoy the convenience within the city. These types of apartments come with a reasonable sized kitchen, three bedrooms and a living dining space. One must be vigilant while planning to furnish such flats as the space available is to include everything essential. At the time of designing interiors, every space must be utilized efficiently to ensure comfort of living. An expert interior designer can provide you the kind of design that suits the space. Let us have a look at the modern furnishing for 1125 square feet flat at Galaxy Cloud Space, Kakkanad, Kochi designed and implemented by D’LIFE Home Interiors.

Kitchen in L Shape Made to Fit the Space

The best-suited layout for kitchen of this flat is L – ShapModern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Spacee as it has a dimension of 220 x 300 cm. Cabinet stretches to the full length of both walls and are made using Marine Ply and Hardwood MDF in Canadian Walnut finish. Granite slab is used for worktop, which is fitted at a standard height of 85 cm from the floor. Hood and Hob is fixed on one side and sink is placed on the other side thus by separating wet and dry area. Premium accessories like baskets, trays, pullouts, detergent holder, waste bin etc are also provided.

Three Bedrooms with Modern Furnishing

1. Master Bedroom (490 x 300 cm)

A queen-sModern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Spaceized cot, two cot side tables, a 2-door wardrobe and a dressing table are arranged in the master bedroom. All are made using Hardwood MDF in a dual tone of Mystic Walnut and Frosty White finish. A ledge is provided above the cot.

2. Bedroom 2 (390 x 300 cm)Modern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Space

This is to be used as a guest bedroom providing comfort of stay. Furnishings are same as in master bed room except dressing table and are provided in combination of Canadian Walnut and Frosty White finish.

3. Bedroom 3  (270 X 270 cm)

Modern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Space This can be used as a spare bedroom as it is the smallest among three. It is also designed in mixed color blend of Mystic Walnut and Frosty White. Furnishings include a queen-sized cot, a cot side table and a 2-door wardrobe.


Fully Furnished Living – Dining Space

Living dinModern Furnishing in Galaxy Cloud Spaceing space has an L shape and hence no partition was required. Living area has a dimension of 380 x 300 cm and therefore a 2+1 seated sofa and a center table is apt. A TV display unit is also fixed on opposite wall. Coming to the dining area, which has an area of 300 x 340 cm, a dining table with thick glass top and six chairs are arranged. A display cum storage unit is also placed near the table. All the furniture in living- ding area has a mixture of Frosty White and Mystic Walnut finish. Dining chairs and Sofa also matches with the color theme of the room. Click Here to watch video.


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