Living room Interors with Sofa and ambient lighting by Dlife Kottayam

Specialized Home Interiors Company at Kottayam, Kerala

May 3, 2015

D’LIFE – An Established Home Interiors Company at Kottayam

LIVING ROOM design by DLIFE home interiors company at KottayamDLIFE branch office cum showroom situated at Kanjikkuzhi-Puthuppally road is now a reputed home interiors company at Kottayam, Kerala. Over the period of 3 years at Kottayam this company has achieved the goodwill of many NRI as well as local customers. By this 3rd year there are many residential projects that have already been completely implemented. Whatever the need, modular kitchen for a villa or complete flat interiors, expert designers would give suitable solution. Contemporary designs, stylish modern materials and color options are provided to choose the best. Guidance, suggestions and support are provided by an experienced sales manager right from the first call to the completion of project.

Traditional Way of Doing Interiors at Kottayam

Someone building a house would locate a local carpenter either during construction or after. House owner explains the requirement and agree to go as per terms of carpenter. Either plantation wood or ply wood would be used for wardrobes, kitchen cabinets etc. They may not be any pre-planning on style, color, or accessories. Once done it is difficult to rework or reconstruct durable furniture. If the house owner is present in Kerala he or she may be able to suggest some alterations during making. But if the owner is away abroad they need to depend on their luck to get good quality work done. If the customer is interested only in traditional style using plantation teak or other wood still the only way is to go for the best available local carpenter.

Problems and difficulties faced by a house owner in traditional way of furnishing

• There may not be proper planning, design or agreement before starting the work. Everything works on word of mouth terms.

•  Materials supplied may not be of high quality standard unless everything is monitored closely by the house owner.

• There is no time limitations set. Thus there may not be a discipline in works which will affect timely completion and results.

•  Making is often done at the same house with the available tools and equipment.•  Individual who is taking the work may be unaware of modern trends in design and style.

•  Once done cannot be undone…. So no proper planning may make an unsatisfied customer.

• No after sale service or warranty provided by local unorganized contractor carrying out traditional way of furnishing.

Change makers are accepted all over the district

D’LIFE is being accepted as a change maker in this field by providing quality materials, international standard finish, at affordable price. Not only within Kottayam town but also in all other the places of this district, house interiors are being done by DLIFE. Especially for the people living abroad it is a relief to have a dependable company undertaking the whole work and executing within a stipulated time frame. People abroad can communicate directly through email, view the options and discuss in his absence also. Completely organized method of planning, design, production and execution is a change brought about by D’LIFE in this sector.

Simple Style…. Great Looks by D’LIFE

It is more of a matter of suitability both to the space as well as the taste of house owners. Understanding all the requirements and acting within the given time frame is the secret of success.

Every company small or big would know it. But making it practical is often difficult as there are many factors that lead to the final result. Simple but elegant style provided by DLIFE to the houses and flats is liked by younger as well as the older generation. They do not have the fear of durability. They are confident that a company well established by its efforts of 11 years can only provide the best. Modular Kitchen, bed room furniture like wardrobes and cots are made and fixed by the expert hands. Perfect fit to the space improve the look and usability. Simple and elegant style of furnishing by DLIFE beautifies a house or flat at Kottayam.


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