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Home Interiors in Kochi for Client Mr. Jaishankar

When Mr. Jaishankar approached DLIFE interior designers Kochi, he had in mind a color-filled design for their 3BHK apartment. Moreover, he desired a simple, elegant space with contemporary design sensibilities. Yes, we committed to provide home interiors in Kochi, as per his choice.

Home interiors in kochi kerala

This apartment adopts an open concept design, flawlessly blending the dining and kitchen. As the space adopts an open concept design, the living, dining, and kitchen do not require artificial light during day time. The direct sunlight through the living area brightens up space and creates a spatial effect whole together. Every piece of furniture in this house lives up to the expectation of the client.

Contemporary Living Room as Part of Home Interiors Kochi

Apartment Living room interiors in KochiThe front door of this apartment opens directly into the living room. Blue sofa and accessories add a generous dose of luxury. Enveloped by wallpapers, long curtains and wall art, the living space creates an eclectic vibe. Mr. Jaishankar and family wanted to break the monotony of white walls and ceiling. Thus, grey walls and furniture that compliments bluish shade were added. Primary palette consists of blue tone with grey and wood finish, creating an inviting atmosphere. Here, designers have tried to provide a sharp definition to the living space with the living room sofa. The rug flanked by curtains and wallpapers softens the space.

Moody Blue Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen in Kochi Kerala

The dining lies behind the living space and serves as a waring antidote. The six-seater dining room interior design with wood bench infuses freshness into the interiors. Here, the Open kitchen interior design Cochin holds its own identity yet merges seamlessly with the rest of the home. Hood & hob and the windows prevents cooking aromas from spreading to rest of the house. With effective space planning our interior designers in Kochi were able to provide interior design solution that catered exactly as the client wanted. The breakfast counter is carved as a laid-back zone. It is an ideal place for the family to enjoy intimate meals or afternoon tea and chitchats while sitting amidst the kitchenette.

Subtle Bedroom

Apartment bedroom interiors Kochi Kerala

The master bedroom is an oasis of some vibrant colors that add some depth and drama. The wall behind the bed has custom wallpaper, while the rest of the space sport grey palette. Bedroom interior design is kept minimal to bring in the cozy vibe to the home interiors in Kochi. A sofa chair stands guard almost near the foot of the queen-size bed, while the complementary textiles give the bedroom a tactile element. With the yellow sofa chair, space gets larger than life canvas and functionality. The room is connected to a balcony, separated with blinds.

Bedroom interiors in kochi

The second bedroom is a soothing soft space. Mr. Jaishankar wanted this bedroom visually light, so our designers chose textiles and palettes accordingly. Minimalistic decorative unit and the rugs are some examples. The bedroom houses decorative pendant lights and a study unit on one side. Holding similar to other rooms, this design is in contrasting interplay with the surrounding neutral elements. The bedroom which is for the guests has minimal designs yet very cute and warm that gives a very cozy feeling.

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