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This New 3 BHK Apartment in Kochi is a Dream Abode

June 22, 2019

An elegant upscale apartment in the midst of the Queen of Arabian Sea is truly a treat for the eyes. Situated in Panampilly Nagar near MG road, a posh residential area in Cochin, Kerala is a dream abode for its proud owners.

This 3 BHK apartment in Kochi has been brought to life with a creative approach along with the latest designs. Interior designers adopted a unified design language to merge spaces and create a sense of continuity. With this, they were able to make use of the minimal design aesthetics much more functional and pretty. This, being a second home that would be used by the client only occasionally, design and furnishing needed to be stylish and modern. Decor in every nook and corner is high on function however minimal on design.

House at a glance

               Stylish Kitchen 

Modular- Kitchen-Kochi-Actor-jayasurya-3BHK-Apartment-in-Kochi-is a Dream Abode

Owners of this house love cooking and entertaining. Thus, the kitchen space is compact, contemporary, and neatly streamlined with a fully functional modular kitchen. Crafted with Gurjan Ply and granite counter top it offers plenty of storage and a vibrant aesthetics that reclaims the joy of cooking. Homeowners wanted the kitchen space to be intact, easy to handle and all the more stylish. Therefore, the designers have come up with a mix of woody accents and LED lighting making it perfect even for family socialization or get together.

               Luxurious Bedrooms  

Living-room-Actor-jayasurya-3BHK-Apartment-in-Kochi-is a dream abode

Designers have incorporated the bedrooms with a clever mix of functionalism. This three bedroom apartment boasts the most modest designs, where one of them also functions as a workspace when required. Office space is luxuriously striking that encloses contrast and depth offering a suave style. This nook in the bedroom produces the ideal zone for the client to indulge in his formal fidelities with its rich fabrics and amenities. Besides, the green feature walls and wide windows offer a spectacular view of Cochin. The bedroom also gets integrated with bottom storage beds and small bedside tables with table lamps to make it uncluttered.

               Attractive Living Area 

3BHK luxury apartment in Cochin3BHK luxury apartment in Cochin

Living space_ 3 BHK Apartment in Kochi

Coming to the living room, this 3 BHK residential apartment is all about renewal, energy, and nature. Pathway in the living room leads to a linear corridor with a sofa chair in lime green enveloped with rich fabrics and a plant that creates a modern vibe and eccentricity. A combination of contemporary with a twist of green adorns the walls and creates a unique look. The custom-made sofa along with the magnificent rugs, adds subtle plushness to the comfortable living. The owners wanted a feature wall; so a 3D wallpaper takes its place behind the sofa. A slim floor lamp helps to create a sense of calm luxury in the living space. In order to get a unifying characteristic, the apartment eliminates the use of ceiling fans. This has helped to eliminate the visual clutter and create a sleek highlight onto the decor.

Balcony-garden-design-Actor-jayasurya's-3BHK-Apartment-in-Kochi-is a Dream Abode

Even the balcony creates visual connectivity with natural elements designed and incorporated into an intrinsic space with a clever mix of greenery. This creates a sense of inner calm and peace. The space gets a custom wood armchair, a colorful plant that climbs up along the walls for a smooth garden like space. The magnificent natural tone of the green walls merges with the vibrant space depicting nature that reminds of good times & inspires the inner spirits.

Desire for most beautiful possessions should be meaningful and ensure peace of mind. Expert interior designer in Cochin can transform few square feet of bare space to really luxurious living space. Applying mind, time and sincere efforts they work on behalf of the client to create and deliver what exactly they need. This 3 BHK apartment in Kochi is just one example. Many more to follow!


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