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8 Tips for Creating a Functional Modular Kitchen for Apartments

December 8, 2018

Home Modular kitchen design for apartments with Gurjan Ply Kochi Kerala Bangalore (3)Designing and implementing a modular kitchen for apartments is always a challenge. The limits set by the available space, budget and by considering the concept of Indian Vastu Shastra, creating a functional kitchen is a hard task. Kitchens heart and soul of a home and therefore, certainly deserves your attention. Modern kitchen spaces should  look stylish and fulfill our day-to -day needs. In the modern era, home spaces have started shrinking making modular kitchen a basic necessity. Appearance and practicality have made them a preferred choice for apartments as well as villas.  Here are some tips to keep in mind before setting up a modular Kitchen for apartments.

    ◊ Plan Well in Advance

Crafting a modular kitchen with contemporary design involves tasks arising from basic structural works to painting. This can be made successful only by blending the perfect architecture into the kitchen design. Deciding in advance,on how your kitchen space need to be reflects on the overall outcome of how efficient it has become. Depending on the requirements and the shape of space, client can decide as to which type of kitchen is best suited for the decor. Some of the most used and practical models are L Shape Kitchen, Island Kitchen, U Shape Kitchen, Straight Kitchen, and Parallel kitchen.

    ◊ Consult an Expert Interior Designer

Consulting services of a qualified interior designer in a reliable company can help in engaging new ideas. This is beneficial in creating a new modular kitchen. An interior designer with proper idea will be able to guide you to create a ideal modular kitchen.

    ◊ Focus on the basics and function

Space, storage, and use are the three basic concepts, which hold the key to a successful modular kitchen design. A matching decor to the walls and flooring gives a complete makeover increasing visual beauty. With kitchens evolving, the traditional designs have lead way to much lively ideas. Whether you want the kitchen to look grand or functional, adding unwanted fittings will result in crowding the place. Remember, the main purpose of kitchen is cooking, and storing utensils and other things. Thus, it is necessary to design a modular kitchen with essential cabinets and include accessories, which are utmost useful.

    ◊ Be Realistic on Choices

Contemporary modular kitchen for apartments is linked with style, use , and details. Core focus when designing a modular kitchen has to be on cabinet allocation as per space. A complete design with an ideal mix of cabinets, drawers, and fittings give a complete makeover. Shutters being the most visible part in any modular kitchen, needs to be strong and stylish. Crafting a modular kitchen with water resistant materials ensures it remains graceful, stylish and long lasting. Modules should have shelves, drawers, and pullouts with sufficient space and size. Use of lift up cabinets has become popular in the modern modular kitchens. They have excellent appeal and are easier to use. Cabinets using HK lift systems with hydraulic support offer ease of use and direct access.

    ◊ Quality Material Selection

This is the most key point while designing a modular kitchen for apartments. Choosing the right material for modular kitchen that meets the needs is very important. As kitchens are build to last for years it is vital to select water resistant materials that can also resist termites. A good interior designer always suggests the use of 100% Gurjan plywood inside the cabinets.

    ◊ Go for Contemporary Styles

Even if you have designed your living room to entertain guests and make them comfortable, they may still end up finding a way into your kitchen.  Thus, putting considerable thought into designing an elegant kitchen space is always the ideal option. Contemporary modular kitchens offer elegance and reduce the load of kitchen chores. They provide bigger and better storage while ensuring comfort and convenience of placing everything properly. Drawers, cabinets and shelves help to organize items and make working in the kitchen efficient and easy.

Home Modular kitchen design with Gurjan Ply Kochi Kerala Bangalore (2)

    ◊ Preplan the Positioning of Appliances

Positioning plays an indispensable role in the utilization of a kitchen space. No matter how big a kitchen space is, the lack of space for keeping appliances is one problem that everyone faces. Modular kitchens have the best possible space utilization making it apt even for the smallest area.  According to the contemporary concept, the general idea is to have a refrigerator, oven, sink, hood, and hob. It is crucial to place them in the form of a triangle or adjacent so that you will be able to access it easily. Placing a refrigerator near to the kitchen entrance helps in placing fruits and vegetables from a shopping bag effortlessly and let others have easy access without interfering kitchen activities.

    ◊ Find ways to Include Sufficient Storage

Home Modular kitchen design for apartments with Gurjan Ply Kochi Kerala Bangalore (1)Modular kitchens are a perfect blend of style. The present industry is inclined with excessive choices. However, in most kitchen plans, there would be at least one corner space. You can create the best use of it by creating a cabinet with Le Mans Corner. A cabinet which can be pulled out can be put into good use in difficult spaces. Creating overhead and bottom cabinets create sufficient storage and a clean and shiny kitchen. Overhead cabinets with open shelf can aid in better organization. However, choosing cabinets that are high will make it difficult to access and give the kitchen a crowded look.

Make use of expertise and experience of an interior designer in building up the best modular kitchen for an apartment or house. Use quality time on discussions, pre-planning, drawings, revisions and finalization to create something that you really need, and would last for years.

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