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View and Feel the 5 Elements of Life

February 22, 2017

Heera Waters Kochi5 elements, the very basis of life, when around you, is a rejuvenating experience. Earth, water, light, air and sky unites here arousing consciousness in residents of Heera Waters, Chilavannoor. Bounded by backwaters of Cochin, this residential complex is almost equidistant from NH and MG road, the arteries of Ernakulam City. Chilly breeze, stargazed night sky and pleasant sunlight are nature’s gift present here that gives relaxing feel to mind and body. Chinese fishing nets, Houseboats and a number of small boats in backwaters are also eye-catching.  Hariz Razak and family enjoy all these in this fully furnished apartment.

A Home to Relax

Home Interiors KochiComing back to home is really relaxing, just as reaching a final destination. Name “living room” is so apt for the biggest space in this apartment. It is the best lively place to relax after day of works and travels. Wallpapers and textured tiles make this living room really lively. White leather sofa is very cozy and can accomApartment Interiors Kochimodate 5 persons.

Cabinets for storage are nicely fixed around living dining partition wall at the bottom.  Coffee tables and other furniture also match well with white theme of the room with warm lighting. An extra sitting area is arranged next to living room by converting one of the 4 bedrooms in this apartment. This area has given a wooden theme and comes with wooden flooring.

Place to Rejoice

Apartment interiors KochiRecharging the energy for next day of business life and off-loading of pressures of day to day happens only when we reach home. Here there is still room for us to rejoice at the blessings. There are 3 bed rooms in this house among them the master bedroom is the highlighted. A full side sky view is possible in this room through a glass window. Also wooden blinds are used for privacy. King size cot and side table and wardrobes also can be seen here. Coming to the second bedroom, a wardrobe with sliding glass door is built at bedside and hence dressing table is omitted. Third bird room can be used as a study room too as a table is set to the bedside. Both these bedrooms have queen size cots and a side table each.

Preserving Source of Energy…

Dining Room InteriorsGood food and positive thoughts are the natural energy sources. Right place and ambience encourages these sources, especially with its connections to the nature. A precise dining place is set up in this apartment with enough space and natural lighting from the full window on one side. Next to the living area this roomy space can be used for small functions too.

Kitchen InteriorsKitchen must be spacious with all facilities of modern style, was one of the instructions from client to the designer. The floor plan of kitchen was such that two L shaped kitchen counters could be built. Hood and hob is fixed on one counter with the facility of a single bowl sink for quick washing purposes. The other counter has one bigger sink, more storage cabinets and the built in spaces for oven and grill. All the necessary kitchen accessories like cutlery tray, baskets etc are kept in sliding trays under hob.


Watch video of this apartment interior.



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