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Which is your choice for a comfortable living in Kerala?  

November 16, 2017

There are 3 choices of residences that Keralite’s go for when they decide to have own house. They would have grown up in family house, an independent villa in a town or village. When a son decides to be separate from parental home as per the conveniences of job and other factors he selects from any of these and settles down. Lady when get married, moves to her husband’s house and then they make decision to have their own home. People living abroad for job mostly choose a house or flat in city or big town.

Independent Villa: This is the traditional style of living in Kerala where there is an independent house in a small plot or  a large area of land. A small villa can be constructed even in 3 cents plot where there is budget constraint. Those who buy plot and construct their house choose the best possible as per their requirement, convenience and budget. It may be 5 cents, 7 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents or even more. Those who enjoy an independent life and desire better appreciation of land and house in long term often prefer to have an independent villa.

Group Villa: It is only last few decades this concept of group villas or compound villas got popular in big towns and cities of Kerala. A cluster of villas are made in a large compound with common facilities for the inhabitants. It may mostly be constructed by a builder with each occupants gets about 4 to 8 cents of land and villa. Square feet area of the villa varies as per the land available. Price would be determined by square feet including the land area.


Apartment / Flat: This form of housing was first introduced to ensure economic housing with sufficient security. But now a days it has become a most accepted type of housing in cities and large towns of Kerala. Community living that ensures a sense of security, common facilities, conveniences etc. makes it the best choice for new generation. Luxury flats are high priced but there is good demand especially from NRIs.

Own house is a necessity for all the families but the choice depends on many factors like conveniences, comfort, price, location etc. Those who prefer the house in villages and small towns still go for the traditional option of independent villas. But for those who want to live in most prominent location the best option is to go for a flat. Group villas will be within the city limits but usually far from the main locations as large land area is required.

Whatever be the type of house, it is complete only when interiors are furnished and decorations done. It is only when the family occupies the house and live a harmonious life a house is complete in all respects. A house for most of us is only once in life time, so choose the best and live happy.


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