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    Customer Contacts Us

    Customers can contact us for guidance and information on customized home interior design and implementation. D’LIFE has 9 branch cum showrooms across Kerala and Bangalore. You may visit the nearest showroom and discuss the requirements with our sales manager; he or she will be able to show you products and designs that are more suitable for your requirements. NRI clients and customers who work in other cities can contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our dedicated customer service department will respond immediately and will allocate your enquiry to an experienced sales officer. The sales officer will understand your requirements and help you with suitable solutions.


    Requirement and Rough Estimate

    Creating an estimate budget for interior design, based on customer requirements is the next step in the process. Each customer has unique requirements, so the budget for interior design may vary for each customer. For example, some may need a full wall length wardrobe whereas some are happy with a regular 3-door wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of customer needs in order to create an estimate. Sales officer will prepare a rough estimate based on client requirements, floor plan, space allocation, materials etc. The sales officer then shares the estimates with the client and explains the details wherever necessary.


    Token payment and Actual Measurement of Space

    If the customer is okay with the budget and estimates, it is time for the token advance so that the designers could start their works without much delay. The designer starts the process by visiting the site to take the onsite measurements. They compare the floor plan to the actual site measurements to avoid any mismatch or complications. This step is important, because sometimes there can be a significant difference in measurements or alignments between the floor plan and the actual building. There are several explanations for these kinds of mismatches. For example, if a customer chose to reduce the size of a staircase after the construction had started, it may not reflect in the floor plan. However, changes like this may cause several issues if we design the furniture based on the floor plan alone. Therefore, to ensure the proper fitment of products designed, it is always necessary to have the designers visit the site and take onsite measurements.


    Personal Attention for Design

    Everyone has different requirements and different taste when it comes to home interiors. An expert interior designer should be able to create appealing designs that are in line with the customer’s likes, at the same time it should also fulfill the client’s requirements. With D’LIFE, customers can express their ideas and needs directly, via phone or email. Our top interior designers will prepare the layouts after understanding your concepts and requirements completely. Every single detail will be discussed with you and your suggestions will be well incorporated.


    Approval for Final Design to Factory

    The initial designs will go through several modifications and improvements as per customer’s demands. Our best interior designers will be there to incorporate all of the customer’s suggestions into the designs. After each revision, we will contact the client to know their opinions about the design. The designers will be available for detailed discussions regarding the layouts or revisions. Once the client is satisfied with the final designs, sales officer will collect the advance payment and send the project to factory for production. At this stage, D’LIFE signs an agreement with the client and confirms the project completion date; normally it takes only 35-45 working days to complete a home interior furnishing project once the design is finalized.


    Site preparation

    Once the design is finalized, the project along with layouts and 2D’s are sent to the factory for production. The project team and factory manager analyzes the designs thoroughly and one of the project members pays a visit to the actual site to validate the measurements and practicality of the designs in the actual site. During this phase, in case if he or she finds any mismatch or incorrect measurements, the designs will be sent back to the designers to rework. If everything is perfect, the project manager will co-ordinate with the site supervisor to ensure that the site is ready for installation. The production will start only after all the onsite construction works such as electrical, plumbing, plastering and finishing works are completed.


    Production and Procurement

    D’LIFE have our own factories equipped with advanced machineries and experienced professionals. The production and quality checks of customized products all over Kerala and Bangalore will be carried out in the centralized factories based at Ernakulam to ensure close scrutiny. Experienced supervisors in the factory will ensure the measurement accuracy and perfection in quality. Time required for production depends upon the volume. For example, a 300 sq feet custom-made modular furniture production requires 10 days.


    Delivery and Installation

    Products and materials are delivered to the work site upon receiving confirmation from project manager as per the hand over date promised to the client. The installation team will proceed with installation once the final payment is received from the client. Installation procedure includes installation of furniture, testing its functionality and cleaning to get rid of the dust and moisture. Installation, testing and cleaning of a 3-bedroom apartment requires 8 days. In total, a normal project may take anywhere between 35 – 45 working days to complete production and installation after the design is approved.


    Project Handover

    Once the installation and cleaning process is completed, the installation team will hand over the key to the client. After the project handover, the customers may be asked to fill up a customer satisfaction form to evaluate the team’s performance.